first cold

as winter is slowly crawling in, it's time to bundle up. my best friend for wintery weather is this winter
puffer coat I have bought recently. I've always had a love-hate relationship with puffer coats.
they were either too 'puffy' or they had  an unflattering shape. at last, I found
the one that is perfect in every way.
 have a lovely week filled with 
Inspiration,Love and Joy:-)

                                  the coat:UCoB/the shoes:Ugg/the scarves: J.Crew, Burberry/the bag:LV


rainy afternoon

                                  the shoes:Melissa/the jeans:UCoB/the shirt:H&M/the sweater:J.Crew/
                                        the bag:MarcbyMarcJacobs/the jewelery:J.Crew,Forever 21/raincoat:UCoB


Faux Fur Vest Part Trois

the vest:Sanctuary(Anthropologie)/the scarves:J.Crew/the sweater:UCoB
the jeans:UCoB/the shoes:Via Spiga/the watch:Swatch/the bracelet:J.Crew/the bag:LV



tuxedo rain boots

                                                              the shoes:Melissa by Vivienne Westwood/the jeans:UCoB/the scarf:J.Crew
                                                                                     the shirt:J.Crew/the sweater: UCoB/the parka:Burberry/the watch:Swatch


double pieces

the jeans:UnitedColorsOfBenetton
the shoes: Via Spiga

you walk into the store, and there it is... a piece of clothing that is screaming your name... you know it is going to fit you perfectly, but there is a problem which most of us I am sure have experienced sooner or later... the colors... in other words, you like the same shirt, shoes, or pants in two or three colors... you debate with yourself which one to choose; however, sometimes the battle is lost and you leave with two pieces... regular people consider them exactly the same, but we fashion enthusiasts feel like we just got two completely different items of clothing... in our heads we pair them with different colors, textures, patterns and create new lives for them... I have had this experience twice. Once, I saw a pair of boyfriend's jeans in darker and lighter shade... The other time, I could not reach a decision on shoes: black or camel... Life being full of paradox, now I pair the darker jeans with the black shoes, and the lighter with the camel ones... Funny as these are the only 'double' items in my closet and they go perfectly together... I love how the elegant shoes compliment the boyfriend's jeans... Any 'double' pieces in your closets ladies, or am I the only one that lost on color battlefield;-) ?


Sunday COFFEE walk

 the scarves:J.Crew,H&M/ the coat:Burberry/
                                                                          the bag:Marc by Marc Jacobs/ the shoes:Franco Sartro